Sprouts are often called super food because they provide an unusual amount of nutrition. They are raw grains and seeds that you soak and sprout. The soaking begins a germination process that neutralizes the enzymes on the surface of the grain/seed that kept the seed in its complex dormant state. It then produces digestive enzymes that begin breaking down the complex nutrients into a simple form necessary to produce new life. It also produces such things as vitamin C that are not present in the dormant seed. It is the only way we know of that you can prepare a food and end up with more nutrients than you had when you started. These foods are very digestible and full of important nutrients that your body needs to function at its best. We believe they are far superior way supplement your body's nutritional needs. Once soaked, it takes 2-3 days to begin sprouting.


Supreme Raw Naked Oats

Most oat grain is not sproutable. These are raw sproutable oats that are grown in harmony with the environment. Planted and grown without man made chemicals according to the natural rythyms of the earth. 

Rinse before soaking about 6-8 hours. Oats may now be eaten after soaking, but may also be sprouted. To sprout, then place in a sprouter after soaking and rinsing. Rinse and drain every 12 hours. The percentage of grains that sprout will be determined by a variety of factors, but they will all be very good and nutritious. There is some husk in this variety. If this is a concern for you, when you soak them, most husked oats will float to the surface and can be spooned out.

Available in 450g bags or 8kg heavy duty tubs.


Naked Barley

Barley is one of the most nutritious grains. Low in gluten, barley bran has over 3 times as much soluble fibre as oats. It is this soluble fibre in oats that helps to reduce cholesterol. Pearled barley has removed most of the nutrients, bran and all of the life from barley. Our naked barley makes an easy sprout. The barley sprouts in the photo were sprouted in only 2 days without a sprouter. They are great for cooking, but make sure you soak them overnight before cooking. An overnight soaking and they can be eaten directly or why not add barley sprouts to your soup, salad or breads.


Sprouts (Rye and/or Buckwheat)

Rye sprouts are great for diabetics. Easy to sprout. Naturally controls blood sugar levels and makes a great snack or garnish on almost anything. Comes in 450g bags or 8kg tubs. The buckwheat also naturally controls blood sugar levels. The buckwheat sprouts in only 2 days or you can just soak it overnight and it is ready. Comes in 450g bags.

Click here for documentation and research of ingredients that naturally assist in controlling blood sugar levels: rye, buckwheat


We also offer these sprouting grains:

Wheat, Quinoa