Imbhams Farm Granary


The flagship farm of Bread of Life is Imbhams Farm of Furnace Place Estate just outside of Haslemere. Maggie Barlow and James Halfhide were introduced to Bread of Life at a fair near Haslemere in the Surrey Hills.  The nutritional impact and concept of fresh grains helped to develop a relationship between us. They were also very interested in our desire to support local farms and their relationship with local communities. James and Maggie are committed to the concept of having local farms throughout the UK producing fresh whole foods, mills and grains for their regional communities.



James and Maggie produce their own flour, mueslis, porridge oats, bread mixes and grains for Surrey and the surrounding counties. We have been working together to learn how to make this concept economically viable for other farms in other regions of the UK. We are now ready to promote this concept and welcome others into the Bread of Life family. James and Maggie do farmer's markets, local and regional food events, education, and are now beginning to produce their products for shops, restaurants and catering.