Award Winning Granola

Our granola was originally developed by Bread of Life to demonstrate fresh-milled grains. Originally it was considered too expensive and time consuming to produce, but the demand could not be quenched. We took about 20 small samples to sell and test market at the Country Living Christmas Fair in 2005.  They sold out quickly and we got several e-mail responses like ‘I want to order 5kg’ and ‘Anyone who tastes this will buy it!’.  No one at our events even knew what granola was. Now granola is produced all over the UK. Our granola is whole grain with all natural unrefined ingredients.

Now everybody in the UK seems to be making some form of granola. Most of it is mass produced in factories or large commercial kitchens. Ours is still produced in small batches using fresh milled grains. Our honey is still UK honey. Our sunflower oil is UK natural cold pressed oil. No rapeseed or processed oils here. We know of no one else who has maintained our standards of ingredients. The result is better flavour and better nutrition without the risks of chemicals and additives. We at least give you the UK consumer an alternative.

We have spent several years developing various granola recipes. Many of these have been copied and are now mass produced with great sounding marketing claims. To set ourselves apart, we are now introducing a whole new line of the most nutritious and delicious granola recipes you could imagine. This year we entered one of our granolas into the 2011 Great Taste Awards and received a double gold! It was the only double gold in its category! You can buy these granolas with confidence you are getting the best!


Oat and Cranberry Granola

Our first new recipe is one of the more delicious granolas we have ever made. We start with fresh milled UK oats that we mill ourselves. We left out the sugar and add sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, cranberries (sweetened with apple juice), and almonds. Then we blend in premium UK sunflower oil along with raw UK honey. There are no gluten grains included in this granola but it is not baked in a gluten free environment so traces of gluten may be present. The texture and flavour are unique. This granola will taste like nothing you can buy at the superstore. It is bursting with flavour, but is not sticky sweet with all the refined sugars of commercially produced granolas.

Nutritional Analysis per 100g: Energy (kal) 451, Protein 13.3g, Fat 22.8g, Saturated 2.3g, Mono-saturated 9.5g, Poly-unsaturated 9.3g, Carbohydrates 52.7g, Total sugars 10.4g, Sodium 3mg, Cholesterol 0g, Fibre 8.4g.


Gorgeous Grains Granola

2011 Great Taste Double Gold Winner!

Our newest granola is called Gorgeous Grains Granola. It is a mixture of whole oats, whole naked oats, whole spelt, whole barley, and whole maize. What a wonderful blance of nutrients and flavours! We add sesame seeds, raw UK honey, UK  cold pressed sunflower oil, sea salt and a smidgen of vanilla. This granola is so nutritious, but the name tells you that the flavour gives it its tradmark! Like the others, it is made in small batches in order to maintain the highest standards for the gormet eaters at your kitchen table.

Nutritional Analysis per 100g: Energy (kal) 427, Protein 12.4g, Fat 17.2g, Saturated 1.9g, Mono-saturated 1.25g, Poly-unsaturated 6.12g, Carbohydrates 59.5g, Total sugars 17.9g, Sodium 4mg, Cholesterol 0g, Fibre 8.3g.


Oat and Barley Granola

This new granola was developed because of the wonderful flavour of barley and the high levels of water soluble fibre of oats and barley. In fact, barley has three times more fibre than oats. Adding to the low glycemic index of whole grain oats and barley, we added a touch of cinammon which also aids control of blood sugar levels. This whole grain barley (yes we actually use whole grain barley rather than peraled barley) and oats will fill you up and stay with you. With no added sugar and only a touch of UK raw honey, you can fill up with less. Since there is nothing refined, your body can use everything you eat with no need to store the remaining refined sugars and carbs in your hips!

Nutritional Analysis per 100g: Energy (kal) 426, Protein 12.5g, Fat 16.7g, Saturated 2g, Mono-saturated 4.4g, Poly-unsaturated 9g, Carbohydrates 59.6g, Total sugars 12.8g, Sodium 4.2mg, Cholesterol 0g, Fibre 9.3g.


A-Maize-ing Almond Granola

Finally, check out our Almond A-Maize-ing Granola. We combine fresh flaked oats and fresh stone-milled UK yellow maize to our standard recipe. Along with the almonds, the maize adds a wonderful flavour unlike anything you've tried before. No added sugar or additives. Cooked in small batches. Great for any meal or just a nutritious snack.

Nutritional Analysis per 100g: Energy (kal) 439, Protein 13.4g, Fat 19.7g, Saturated 2.2g, Mono-saturated 6.6g, Poly-unsaturated 9.4g, Carbohydrates 55.4g, Total sugars 10.7g, Sodium 7mg, Cholesterol 0g, Fibre 8.2g.


These granolas will be fresh baked, so don't expect to place an order and get it the next day. Expect a week to 10 days before your order arrives. It will be worth the wait. Available in 500g bags.

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