For Coeliacs

Break the refined food fat cycle!

We believe that natural whole foods provide the best possible health for anyone including coeliacs. Fresh and natural whole foods provide the nutrition that your body needs. Many coeliacs gain weight when first diagnosed. Some of this weight gain may be contributed to the vast number of gluten-free products with highly processed and refined ingredients. Just because you can eat something without a reaction doesn't mean that it is good for you. When you eat foods packed with refined potato and rice starch, your body turns these refined carbohydrates quickly into blood sugar. Ask any diabetic about the dangers of eating baked potatoes. Your blood is flushed with too much sugar that must be removed. Since your body has no other way to deal with this, it turns it into fat. Since your body has not received nutrients from what you have eaten, you are still hungry and want to eat more, which continues a cycle of producing fat without satisfying your hunger. We provide a range of whole foods that break this cycle by giving you natural and delicious whole foods that are satisfying and promote your good health.


Click here for more information on coeliac products from our partner Whole Food Nutritional Resources


All the products listed below are tested and certified gluten free and appear in the Food and Drink Directory.


Morning Mix

  • Naturally gluten-free (tested and certified gluten free)
  • Wonderful nutty flavour
  • Just soak overnight or morning to morning, rinse and serve
  • Naturally assists in controlling blood sugar levels
  • No additives or preservatives, just natural raw ingredients
  • Serve as cereal with fresh fruit in yoghurt or milk
  • Great for endurance athletes or anyone who need a slow release of useable energy
  • Add as a nutritional garnish to porridge, cereals, salads, or as a sidedish

Raw ingredients: buckwheat, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, unpasteurized almonds, unhulled sesame seeds

Click here for documentation and research of ingredients that naturally assist in controlling blood sugar levels: buckwheat, almonds



Yes, coliacs can eat oats. We have been saying this for years and believed we had the medical research to back it up. First, came over to our viewpoint and now Coeliac UK has agreed that the research is overwhelming. Click here for the website conclusions on oats for coeliacs. Oats are now officially recognized in new EU labeling legislation (2009) as gluten free if they are free from contamination with wheat. Our Premium Oat Groats are lab tested and certified gluten free.


The problem with oats for the coeliac is cross contamination from wheat and other gluten grains. This can come from the fields or when harvesting the oats. It can also happen at the mill. Once the oats are flaked, you cannot tell the difference between oat flakes and other grains. But the raw grains are visibly different. Testing for gluten flakes does not help since every flake would have to be tested. Flakes do not evenly distribute themselves in a product containing oat flakes so testing a batch does not prove it is has no flakes containing wheat gluten.  The porridge oats in the store are seldom gluten free unless they have been tested and certified gluten free.


The solution is to flake your own oats from the grain. Oat grain looks very different from other gluten grains. We provide the fresh oat groats, the Campo flaker, and with a quick glance you can see for yourself that you have no wheat in your oats. Even better, the fresh flaked oats are more nutritious and more delicious than any other way you can prepare them. For porridge, muesli, flapjacks, or soups, you can have the wonderful and healing fresh oats back in your diet.








Yellow Maize

Yellow maize is naturally gluten free and our maize has been certified gluten free. Mill our maize into fine polenta or coarse corn meal. We have a wonderful recipe for polenta lemon cake that is gorgeous. We also have recipes for American style corn bread, corn muffins ,  or Afric an  corn porridge.