Why Should You Mill Your Own Grains?

An Editorial Opinion

We believe that fresh whole natural foods are the natural way that God intended men and women to eat. Our basic recipe includes the three basic ingredients that God described in the Bible as His bread (Ezekiel 16:19). This is the bread that God created as the very best for His people to eat. When the Lord visited Abraham in Genesis 18, Abraham asked Sarah to prepare fresh ground flour, knead it and prepare bread cakes for the Lord.

You can increase the amount of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and natural fiber in your diet the natural way. Whole wheat flour begins to lose nutrients during the milling process. Modern commercial mills destroy many nutrients because of the high heat generated in the milling process. Those who started milling refined flour are not bad guys. They are honest people giving the public what they want: easy to use flour with long shelf life. You now have a choice, the highest possible health & nutrition or the highest possible convenience.

You can control what is in your food. Most refined wheat products have chemicals and other unpronounceable additives that are unnatural and may damage your health. Just read the labels on the bread you purchase at the store. Many additives are not even on the label. For more information about the additives in your bread, check out the Real Bread Campaign website. We begin with the premise that fresh whole natural foods are God’s provision to us. When we begin to artificially process and genetically modify our foods in order to accommodate our modern lifestyles, we run unnecessary risks to ourselves and the environment.

Fresh ground wheat and fresh rolled oats have fresh fiber to cleanse your digestive tract. The fiber from fresh rolled oats is still soft and supple. It acts like a wash cloth that gently cleanses the lining of your intestinal tract.

Fresh ground wheat, spelt, rye, maize, barley and oat products have a wonderful flavor that you and your family will enjoy. If you like fresh ground coffee, then you will love fresh ground wheat and other grains or fresh rolled oats. Fresh is best for both taste and nutrition. We specially select our grains to produce good flavor and texture.

Our basic bread recipe uses all natural ingredients with little cholesterol. We believe olive oil is the most nutritious oil you can use. We also believe honey is the most nutritious sweetener you can use and local honey also contains local pollen. Eating this local pollen may help to reduce your reactions to pollen in your area.

Try this tip. Make your dough once a week. Then bake what you want immediately and refrigerate the rest of the dough until you need it later in the week. Punch the dough down each day and you can have the smell and taste of fresh bread as often as you like.

We select medium to high protein milling wheat from the UK. Currently we offer oats, naked oats, wheat, rye, naked barley, spelt and corn (yellow maize) all from the UK.

Our urbanized world is a very dangerous place to live. The UK government has warned us to be prepared. Natural, accidental and terrorist catastrophes can break the food chain. Government officials have said that terrorist attacks on UK soil are inevitable (now a reality). For maximum profits, the food chain has become increasingly short in the UK. This means that if a disaster breaks the food chain in your area, then the supply of food will last only a few days. With a supply of water, wheat, oat, corn or spelt grain and a few other simple precautions, you can protect your family from break downs in the supply of food.