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Finally! Our Naked Barley is Available!

After over three years, we can finally offer our premium naked barley. Just added to our shop on 9 October 2012. We tested it at farmer's markets by asking people to try it after soaking and we sold our limited supply quickly and people were upset when it was gone and they could not get it again. Limited supply, so get it now. Whole grain barley has over three times as much water soluble fibre as oats and the lowest glycemic index of any grain. It fills you up like nothing else and the health benefits are so good that we just send you to a reputable link because you would not believe us. The reason it sold at the markets was the flavour. It is very popular in the USA for both sprouts, raw foodies, and micro breweries. It makes the best beers because it has the most flavour! It makes great muesli, porridge, or soaked. It is limited for sprouts since only about 20% will sprout. Sorry about that, but we will try and do better next year! We personally mill it for pancakes or soak it overnight and eat it on top of our porridge.

Click here for more information on barley


We had a great week-end at the Eden Project!

Imbhams Farm Granary was invited to demonstrate home milling at the Eden Project the weekend of 8-9 October 2011. We demonstrated the new Cerealo 100 mill in action and gave samples of many of our products! We had a great time and were busy all day long. Such a wonderful place to visit!


Great Taste Awards for 2011

Our Imbhams Farm Granary has just been given the accolade of 2 more Double Gold ‘Great Taste Awards’ for 2011. We entered one of our granolas for the first time and our Gorgeous Grains Granola was the only double gold winner in its category! Not only super nutritious, but the most prestigious national award agreed that our granola is truly Gorgeous! We also entered our soda bread mix which also won a Double Gold 2011 Great Taste Award! It was also the only double gold winner in its category. We add these to our 2010 winners of the Sunberry Muesli, Spelt & Sunflower Seed Bread mix and one of our seeded bread mixes. A local baker entered a bread using our stone milled Magister Wheat which also received a gold.



New Mills for 2011!

Schnitzer has just released the Cerealo range of mills. The Cerealo 100 has beech hardwood multiplex for greater durability. It has the smallest footprint of all our mills. It only takes up 15 by 15 cm on your counter top. The Cerealo range has a larger funnel which holds 1000g of grain. The Cerealo 100 produces 100g of flour per minute on the finest setting and is the easiest of all our mills for maintenance such as cleaning the stones. We also have a Cerealo 200 that produces 200g per minute and has a larger industrial motor that will power through yellow maize. We have both the Cerealo 100 and a Cerealo 200 in stock. Both of these mills can be purchased with additional stones that can be switched for spices or switched back for grain. Please contact us if you are interested.


New Grains

Our latest grains include Magister Wheat and Raw Naked Oats. The magister wheat is an older two row variety that is a strong wheat (high protein) which is great for making bread. It produces a light loaf that has a wonderful flavour that is so good you can enjoy it alone! For your next order, try a Magister Seeded Bread Mix or some Magister Stone Ground Strong Wheat Flour so you can discover something special. Most people today have never eaten bread with so much flavour. The older two-row varieties of wheat have been lost because they produce a smaller yield. This means the grain is more expensive, but the modern high yield varieties have less flavour and we believe they may be harder for your body to digest. Something special this wheat!

We also want people to be aware of our supreme naked oats. Grown in sensitivity to nature's rythyms with nothing man-made added, these raw oats are special. We have had these oats cleaned to the highest possible standard and they are the best naked oats we have ever seen or tasted. These oats are alive and sproutable. Great for sprouts, but they also make a wonderful nutty porridge that is incredible.  For a different meusli, try flaking some raw naked oats, adding some naked oat sprouts along with your own favourite fresh fruit. Mix into your favourite yoghurt.


Naked Barley

We have just received our naked barley from the fields. We were sent some samples to test and we are thrilled with the results. Barley is an extremely nutritious grain that should be somewhere in your diet. Barley is high in selenium in which most UK diets have a difficiency. The soluble fiber is similar to oats which make them great for reducing cholesterol. The main difference is that barley has over 3 times as much fibre as oats. This barley is an ancient naked variety which means that the bran does not have to be mechanically removed as with modren pearled barleys. They make great sprouts, muesli, porridge and are great with soups and salads.

Click here for health and nutritional information on barley


Welcome Imbhams Farm Granary!

Grains2mill is now run by Imbhams Farm Granary near Haslemere in Surrey. Our website and stock will now come directly through Imbhams Farm Granary. Imbhams Farm Granary was begun by James Halfhide and Maggie Barlow over 7 years ago. James and Maggie have brought us their love for real whole food and their ability to transfer that love into outstanding recipes that you can produce at home. This has been nationally recognized by their winning 3 Great Taste Awards for this year.


Great Taste Awards for 2010

Imbhams Farm Granary, the Haslemere based business that mills and flakes fresh cereal grains, have just been given the accolade of 3 Gold ‘Great Taste Awards’ for 2010. They were awarded the prestigious Gold Awards for their Sunberry Muesli, Spelt & Sunflower Seed Bread mix, and Double Gold for one of their new bread mixes that is not yet available online.

The Great Taste Awards are judged nationally and organised by The Guild of Fine Foods. The Awards are the national benchmark food awards, now regarded as the equivalent of a Michelin Star for speciality food and drink producers, employing the country’s most rigorous judging system. The 2010 Great Taste Awards attracted a record number of entries, 6,021 food and drink products were blind-tasted by 350 judges.

Imbhams Farm Granary started just 4 years ago and is based on Furnace Place Estate in Haslemere. Founding Partners, James Halfhide & Margaret Barlow, are delighted by the Awards and commented; “these Great Taste Awards are a real boost for us and show that ‘Foodies’ really appreciate the products that we make fresh and by hand. It is also a big ‘Thank You’ to our customers who have the real taste for good food”.

James added; ‘We were especially pleased for our fresh milled bread mixes as we were the only producer to be awarded ‘Gold Status’. The Double Gold is defined by the Judges as; ‘Faultless - absolutely sublime’. This is a great commendation for IFG, the local farming community which supports us and allows us to make great tasting products for our customers’.

All their products are made with fresh milled and flaked cereal grains. Locally grown grains include; Wheat, Rye and Oats from Surrey, Wheat and Raw Grains from Sussex.

Their complete range of products; Fresh Flours, Fresh Oats & Spelt for Porridge and Mueslis and Bread Mixes are available at the 12 monthly Farmers’ Markets they attend in Surrey, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Specialist Food Events and are now available online at www.grains2mill.co.uk


We are your single source for fresh whole food alternatives.

  • UK grains,
  • stone flour mills and porridge oat flakers,
  • natural whole food cereals (granola, muesli, and a variety of porridges),
  • stone-milled additive free flour, bread mixes, muffin and biscuit mixes,
  • sprouts,
  • and more.
  • We are your gluten-free whole food alternative for coeliacs.


You Can't Beat Whole Foods With No Additives

Life is good and we enjoy it. We prefer positive views rather than negative talk. But how do we educate people about potentially bad choices without saying what those bad choices are? Let's start out by telling you that we believe that whole foods offer the healthiest nutrition and best flavour. We encourage everyone we meet to eat a balanced diet that is based upon a priority on whole foods which allows for a favourite treat here and there. Want scientific evidence for the importance of whole foods? Try The World's Healthiest Foods foundation website (www.whfoods.org).

God never intended for our bodies to run on man-made chemicals mixed with mass produced, hormone and chemical laced refined foods. Refined foods remove the essential life supporting nutrients that quickly spoil and leave the carbohydrates and sugars that have been altered in order to give them longer shelf lives. The vitamins and nutrients in natural whole foods cannot be compared to the refined vitamins from coal tar that are added to the foods that most people in Western societies eat today. Any society that lives on such foods will end up with epidemics of heart disease, diabetes, coeliacs, cancers, mysterious fatigue syndromes and much more. While producing such foods is perfectly legal, highly profitable and gives the consumer instant meals, people should at least be aware that they have choices. Why would any country (i.e. the UK) need a Real Bread Campaign unless people are being sold artificial bread without their knowledge? If you are aware of the differences and want to eat highly refined bread, thats fine.

We believe the most nutritious and healthy way to eat grain is to eat living sprouts. We make it easier than you think, but we have to admit they don't come sprouted out of the bag. The most nutritious and healthy way to eat bread and cereal products is to use fresh unsifted stone-milled flour from whole grain with nothing refined and no man-made chemicals or improvers added. If you eat bread that is soft and appears fresh after 7 days, then you're not eating what we like to call real bread. We work hard to bring you the best UK sourced whole foods we can find. We bring you multiple healthy alternatives to meet your dietary needs. Browse our website to learn more!